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All that money is not helping the Yankees

Monday, April 27th, 2009 | MLB | No Comments

devilrays_yankees_arod_1The New York Yankees did not have a good weekend after getting swept by the Boston Red Sox. This was the Red Sox 10th straight win. The Yankees who moved into a $1 billion dollar stadium this season and spent over $400 million in the off season have the pressure on to win some games. As of today they are 9-9 and have lost the last 3 games their super star A-Rod has been out due to surgery he had last month. To top it off we learned last week that the team is looking into the new issue of the 26 home runs that have been hit in the first six games at the new park. If they can’t fix the problem we could see as many as 325 homer runs this year at the park. The team has called in experts to try and solve the new issue.  It is only April and the team could still turn things around but right now its not looking good for the team. Maybe they should have kept Torre?


Yankees not done spending money

Monday, January 26th, 2009 | MLB | No Comments

pettitteThere is talk today that the New York Yankees are close to a deal with Andy Pettitte to keep him with the Yankees for one more year. The deal could be worth $6 million with incentives that could make it as much as $12 million for the year. Last year Pettitte was 14-14 last season with a 4.54 ERA. He started in 33 games. His last 11 games he was playing with a sore shoulder and was only 2-7 with a 6.23 ERA. Last season he made $16 million with the team. This team has spent crazy money in the office season, they better make it to the post season this year or there will be some unhappy fans in NY.

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The $180 million dollar man

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 | MLB | No Comments

The Yankees made the deal official today. Mark Teixeira signed a eight year $180 million dollar deal with the NY Yankees. The Yankees have spent $423.5 million so far on free agents and are picked to be the No. 1 team in the MLB.

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Someone tells the Yankees no

Tuesday, January 6th, 2009 | MLB | No Comments

Andy PettitteAndy Pettitte maybe the only player this season that is not taking money from the Yankees. The team offered Pettitte a one-year $10 million deal. It doesn’t mean this deal is 100% dead people close to the team is saying the GM has been talking to Pettitte’s agent. “Andy’s a free agent, and the one thing I’ve been consistent in saying is that we’d like to have Andy back,” Cashman the Yankees GM said last month. Pettitte said last month he wants to play for the Yankees but he is going to leave it to the agents to work out. I think we all know the main issue here, the money. $10 million would be $6 million less then what Pettitte was getting paid last season. Also, with the money that Yankees have been spending this year I’m sure Pettitte doesn’t want to be the good deal for the team. The team has already spent $400 million in the off season on free agents this year.

There has also been talk that some people in the Yankees want to see younger pitchers playing, like Phil Hughes and Alfredo Aceves in the No 4 and 5 spots over Pettitte. Last season Pettitte went 14-14 with a 4.54 ERA and is not super young at 36.  In 2007 Pettitte was listed in the Mitchell the report and admitted to the team that he took HGH after he agreed to play in the 2008 season.

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Yankees are on fire

Thursday, December 25th, 2008 | MLB | No Comments


The New York Yankees signed Mark Teixeria for $180 million for eight years. It was rumored the Red Sox and Yankees had the highest bids for the Angels player. The deal has a $5 million signing bonus that will be paid out over the first three years the contract also has no-trade provision and no opt-out clause. Its rumored that the Red Sox offered $168 million over eight years. After signing Teixeria is seems to be unlikely that Manny Ramirez will become a Yankee in 2009 which could be a bad thing for Manny since the Angels also aoucned today that they will not persue him.

The Yankees also signed a one-year $5 million deal today with pitcher Chien-Ming Wang a 28 years old right hander. He was 8-2 with a 4.07 ERA in 15 starts last year. The Yankees aggreed to this deal and avoided arbitation with Wang. This deal brings the Yankees payroll to $164 million in 2009 for 15 players. At this rate it doesn’t look like there will be a team that can compte with the Yankees.  The Yankees are also preparing to move into their new $1.3 billion park in 2009. The Yankees now have the four highest paid players in MLB, lets not forget A Rod has a 10 year $275 million deal.

$100 million contracts
1 A. Rodriguez NYY 10 yrs (’08-17) $275,000,000
2 A. Rodriguez TEX 10 yrs (’01-10) $252,000,000
3 Derek Jeter NYY 10 years (’01-10) $189,000,000
4 M. Teixeira NYY 8 yrs (’09-16) $180,000,000
5 CC Sabathia NYY 7 yrs (’08-14) $161,000,000
6 M. Ramírez BOS 8 yrs (’01-08) $160,000,000
7 M. Cabrera DET 8 yrs (’08-15) $152,300,000
8 Todd Helton COL 11 yrs (2001-11) $151,500,000
9 J. Santana NYM 6 yrs (’08-13) $137,500,000
10 A. Soriano CHC 8 yrs (’07-14) $136,000,000
11 Vernon Wells TOR 7 yrs (’08-14) $126,000,000
12 Barry Zito SF 7 yrs (’07-13) $126,000,000
13 Mike Hampton COL 8 yrs (’01-08) $121,000,000
14 Jason Giambi NYY 7 yrs (’02-08) $120,000,000
15 Carlos Beltrán NYM 7 yrs (’05-11) $119,000,000
16 K. Griffey Jr. CIN 9 yrs (’00-08) $116,500,000
17 Kevin Brown LAD 7 yrs (’99-2005) $105,000,000
18 Albert Pujols STL 7 yrs (’04-10) $100,000,000
18 Carlos Lee HOU 6 yrs (’07-12) $100,000,000

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Yankees hit with $26.9 million tax

Tuesday, December 23rd, 2008 | MLB | No Comments

money_yankeeThe New York Yankees have already had some big news this year with signing CC Sabathia and A.J Burnett and its also rumored they are looking at Manny. Unfortunately being such a big time team that can through around millions is going to cost you, but I don’t think $26 million is a big deal to a team like the Yankees.  A team that had a payroll of $222 million last year might want to get into the postseason this year.

The Yankees are not the only team to get hit with the tax, The Detroit Tigers also a team that did not make the playoffs last year got a bill for $1.3 million this year. The Tigers are also had a high payroll at $160.8 million.  We have the top 10 teams payroll for 2008 below.

2008 Team Payrolls
No. Team Payroll Average
1. New York Yankees $209,081,579 $6,744,567
2. Detroit Tigers $138,685,197 $4,622,840
3. New York Mets $138,293,378 $4,609,779
4. Boston Red Sox $133,440,037 $4,765,716
5. Chicago White Sox $121,152,667 $4,487,136
6. Los Angeles Angels $119,216,333 $4,110,908
7. Chicago Cubs $118,595,833 $4,392,438
8. Los Angeles Dodgers $118,536,038 $4,233,430
9. Seattle Mariners $117,993,982 $4,538,230
10. Atlanta Braves $102,424,018 $3,414,134

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